Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To register an account on Valuerelay:

Click the “Login” button on the top right of the page.

Click “User Registration” tab if you want to register as a user. Click "Customer Registration" tab if you want to register as a customer

Complete the required information.

Click the register button.

You will be provided with a verification code to your email. Note down the verification code. Now login with your user name and password. You will be prompted to enter the verification code. Once you enter you become a basic member. As a basic member you are eligible for posting new topics / competitions /Questions and contributions to the same.

Complete the rest of the basic information and additional information tab. This will be your profile.

Please note only when you complete the details mandatorily required in the personal information tab and the same is verified by VALUERELAY (as may be possible) you will be eligible to do commercial transactions (example: provide services for payment) through the website or act as a moderator.

There is no cost to use as a user. Joining VALUERELAY as a registered user, initiating topics / competitions / questions or contributing to approved Predictions / Survey / Quiz / topics / competions or questions , viewing assignments in their relevant industry posted by customers and applying for the assignments posted by customers is free (please note even if there is no cost to applying for assignments you may need to provide additional documentary proofs as required in the personal section of your profile, for example proof of identity and address, confirm bank details etc for being eligible to post for the assignments). However there are few areas where payment would be required if you are service provider. They are listed below under the FAQ on service providers.section.


At present the maximum of 3 industries can be chosen by the user in his profile. Please note you may choose this one by one over a period or at a single stretch. Once you choose the industry you may not be able to change the industry unless the VALUERELAY administrator allows the change based on valid reasons.

You can browse through and read existing topics, competitions, questions and clarifications in two ways.

1. Public tag. - Forums which are open for public are listed in the wesbite home page. To browse through and read these you do not need to register. However to contribute to these public forums you need to register.

2. Private tag- Forums which are with a private tag are listed in your personal home page.You have access to only those private forums which are relevant to those industries you have selected in your profile.

The folders available in your Topic Dashboard and their functionality is explained below.

All Topics: If you click this folder you can view all topics (alongwith contents) posted by all the users in the relevant industries chosen by you. If you want to view the final selected content in the topic click the 'view' button. If you want to view the process using which the content is being created and contribute click the 'contribute' button. Once you click 'contribute' in the topic article you will get the following tabs

       Read tab: It gives the final selected content (as on date) in two views. One is document view and the other view lists each postings alongwith the usernames who contributed them.

       Topics Guide: Topics guide gives you the brief background about the topic along with rules if any and it also lists the points users will be awarded for various contributions in the topic.

        Contribute tab: If you click this tab it will allow you to post your contributions to the topic if it is still open for contributions. Here you can post your contributions alongwith the source reference if any for your contributions.

        My history tab: Shows the contribution which you have posted in the past in the topic.

         Leaderboard tab: Leaderboard tab shows the top 3 users (Gold, Silver, Bronze) who have contributed to the topic. The position is confered based on the position as on date.

        Post topic: Post topic button in the top right hand corner allows you to post new topic threads within you chosen Industry.

My topics: If you click the my topics folder it lists the topics (both approved and unapproved by moderator) which have been posted by you in the past. If the topic has been approved by the moderator as eligible for contribution from users then you can see the approved tag in green on those topics.

Approved topics: If you click this folder it lists only those topics which have been approved by a moderator in the relevant industry.

My contribution: If you click the my contribution folder it lists your contributions (new postings) alone to various topics.

Validation : If you click the Validation folder it lists contributions (new postings) by other users which has been directed by the moderator for other users (including you) review and validation. You may review the contribution and vote whether you agree or disagree with the contribution. If you disagree you may need to provide reasons. Please note you will get the points for validation only if your vote is in line with the majority of the users and selected by the moderator for final posting.

Earned Points:  If you click this folder it lists the various points earned by you for the participation in the topic namely contributions, validation, moderation, topic posts.

Favourites:  If you click this folder it lists those topics which have been selected by you as your favourites for frequent review.


You can post a new topic thread by clicking the 'post topic' available in the 'All topics' folder or 'My topics' folder. Once you click the post topic, select the industry to which the topic is related (you can post only in those industries which you have selected), select the category to which the topic is releated and give the topic article a name.

Enter a brief narration / background about the purpose for which the topic is being created. Choose any related files / images to support.

Now you can create the structure for the topic thread by creating the sections and the questions regarding the topic which you expect answers for. Add as many sections and questions as required and after completion click the "post topics" button.

Please Note: Now the topic is created but not yet approved by a moderator. You may edit the topic at any time before it is approved by a relevant industry moderator. For editing unapproved topics posted by you click the  "My topics" folder and select the relevant topic.

If the topic is approved you may get appropriate credit points as decided by the moderator for posting the topic thread - sections and questions.


Competition dashboard has the following six folder listed below. Their functionalities are similar to the functionality of topic dashboard described above, but these are with respect to competitions (individual talent) as against topics (individual / team talent)

All competitions

My competition

My contribution

My validation


Earned Points

You can post a competition by clicking the "post competition" button


Competition winners are selected and awarded as per the rules mentioned in the competition. Normally there are 3 winners namely first, second and third. If the competition is hosted by customers it could either be selecting the winners from the prototype competition and awarding the actual work to the winners or selecting the winners from the actual competition and awarding the cash prizes to the winners as announced. Please note, if cash prizes are involved the Tax deduction at Source  for competition winnings as per the Indian Income Tax (the highest taxable rate) shall be made by the customer and the balance only shall be paid to the winners.

You can raise a topic thread if a structured knowledge base on the subject article needs to be created for future reference.

You can raise a competition thread if a challenge/ puzzle / problem in the industry needs to be solved regarding reduction in cost, improvement in revenue or improvement/ restucturing of the relevant business process.

You can raise a question if you need any clarifications (technical or ortherwise) regarding a particular industry.

The user who posted the question will select the best clarification and for this purpose he may take the help of votings by other users. The user who posted the best clarification as selected by the user who posted the question shall get a point credit.

Jobs dashboard displays the jobs related matter.

Click the Apply jobs to view jobs posted in your selected industry and apply.

Click the Applied jobs folder to view jobs applied by you.

Click the Assigned jobs folder to view the jobs assigned to you by your previous customer or moderator.

Click the Approved/ Reject jobs to view the jobs that were approved or rejected by you.

Click the Finished jobs to view the jobs that have been completed by you.


Transfer method fees: Depending on the transfer method used when transferring funds paid to the service provider user, there may be a transfer fee. This fee is taken from the payment you have received.  For example: Currently Payment made to local service providers bank account located in India through local NEFT may not involve any transfer fee but payments made to foreign service providers bank account located outside India or their paypal account would involve Wire transfer charges  & currency conversion fees or paypal transfer fees & currency conversion fees (from Indian currency to foreign currency) respectively.

Where third party escrow is involved and the service provider would like to contest the dispute with the service user the relevant dispute resolution fees charged by the third party escrow service provider shall be paid by the service professional in advance.

Where third party escrow is not involved and the service provider would like to contest the dispute with the service user any relevant charges incurred by VALUERELAY in arranging for dispute resolution service shall be paid by the service provider in advance.

Payments due to the Service provider shall be transferred to them as per the terms of contract. Where VALUERELAY collects the payment from the customer in advance as an escrow arrangement then VALUERELAY makes the payment to service professional after the Service user certifies the receipt of service as per the agreed requirements. The payments shall be made as per VALUERELAY payment cycle which is currently bi-monthly ie. The payment would be made after the service is completed (certified by customer) and the next bi-monthly payment cycle is at least 3 working days from the date of completion (certified by customer).

The payment shall be transferred to them to their bank account (or paypal account - available only for smaller payments to service providers located outside India) as given by them in their personal information of the profile and verified by VALUERELAY with necessary documentary proofs or process.

Only registered users can see the assignments relating to their industry posted by the customers. So please choose the industries carefully in your profile.

You can apply to the assignments posted in your industry provided you have completed the verification formalities in your profile page (example: proof of identity & address, bank account, GST / VAT registration etc) as required by VALUERELAY . 

Individual assignments may be posted by the customer directly whereas Group assignments are posted by the customers for the view of approved moderators only who in turn will contact / post the requirements to the individual service providers.

The individual service provider can go through the requirements and quote for the assignments (cost and number of days required) in response. They may get further clarification from the customer / moderator through messaging system if the option is available. Please note on top of the price quoted by you VALUERELAY will add a markup commission for providing the services,third party escrow fees (if any), loss on currency fluctuation (where Valuerelay holds the payment from foreign customer till service completion is certified by the customer), Payment Gateway / bank charges (debit /credit card charges if any, payment gateway /bank transfer charges, PayPal charges for transaction fees and Currency conversion fee if any  for collection from customer, etc.) related taxes (GST), as applicable when the final price is quoted for the customer. The customer may compare his budgeted price (if any) to this final price, so please bear this in mind while quoting for the assignments.

Once you have been hired the system will create a workroom for the job. This will be the place for you to communicate with your employer / job moderator/ team. You are encouraged to use the communication system for all critical exchanges regarding the job. Direct communication such as skype or email is also an option. Use whatever you feel comfortable and best fits the needs of your business. However the final deliverables (as far as possible) and critical communications should be provided through the VALUERELAY platform to facilitate VALUERELAY to release the payment on customer certification for completion of the job.

In order to maintain the quality of service on, postings to this section may be reviewed by our quality assurance team. Service providers and service receivers who abuse communication tools are in violation of its Terms of Use and will be penalized.

Messages / communication that include the following are considered abusive:

  • Derogatory or sarcastic statements
  • Self-promotional content (resumes, proposals, professional background, an indication of your willingness or ability to do the job, mock-ups or samples)
  • Questions that ask if the Employer will accept applications outside of the project scope or location.
  • Message board abuse warnings and penalties
  • reserves the right to bypass warnings and disable access at any time.