What is Valuerelay

Value Relay is a marketplace for Knowledge intensive business services including business consultancy services. Professionals from all over the globe can showcase their talent to the world through the forums in the site and earn credentials for doing so. Customers from all over the globe who require the services of these professionals can find them easily in our platform through the kind of work the professionals have displayed in the site and the credentials they have earned.


About our company

Ours is a young company with global aspirations. We are a group of professionals passionate to create a online marketplace for professionals to meet customers from any part of the world who require their services.

What we do

We are a Consulting company providing Business consultancy services through crowdsourcing, third party service providers and own resources wherever the expertise is available within. 

How we do

We provide a marketplace platform to find the right resources for your business needs.

Our mission

Our mission is to be one stop global shop for any business consultancy and knowledge intensive business services need.